Rachel Maddow is a rock star. I’ve always liked her and thought she was witty and wicked smart. But, these days she’s in a lane by herself. Yes, she’s a bulldog when it comes to getting to the truth, but she’s a *nice* Bulldog who still respects her guests, even if she doesn’t agree. She’s not a flame thrower or name caller. She’s not a plastic face without credentials. Rachel holds a degree in public policy from Stanford and a Doctor of Philosophy in Politics from Oxford University. Her degrees alone far outmatch those operating in similar lanes. But even the best can use an intern, right? I’m inspired by the new NBC show Great News that features a 60-year old intern. While I’m not quite inching near 60 yet, I’m confident that my seasoned, wiser self would be awesome. It’s on my bucket list, Rachel. I want to be your intern.

I don’t possess Ivy League credentials or national experience, but Sean Hannity was an NYU dropout and somehow, he’s managed to find an audience. And people like Elizabeth Hasselbeck gained notoriety from pulling out clumps of hair while a contestant on the second season of Survivor, then landed a stint on The View and later Fox News. If you’re curious, I’m just pulling up a few examples of those whose validity I question, but my views and approach to life are pretty much the polar opposite of both, just to be clear.

And, I’m not like the green grad who’s eager to make a mark and in need of accolades. I’m past all that. I have more than two decades of experience in PR/Communications so I’ve dealt and worked with the media for years. I’m no Kellyanne Conway, and I feel good about that, even better since she’s currently  ]spending her days in the “White House” basement. Although, I did serve as the communications director for the campaign of a sitting governor, and we won. I promise it wasn’t an “alternative win”. It was the real deal, won with a strong majority of the popular vote.I promise I won’t exactly be like the mom intern on Great News who means well but tucks her self-awareness in her purse. I’m a mom, but within a decade of your age, so not like *your* mom.  What I will bring is a thirst for learning, even at this stage in my life. I’m a quick study, a great listener, and I get things done.

If I were you Rachel, I’d be asking what else I bring. After all, that Columbia grad with dual degrees in public policy and international affairs matches up nicely with your needs. But, I’m just an everyday, middle-aged woman from the west coast who has had a respectably successful career. But I’ve always wanted more, never feeling quite good enough or accomplished. It’s a lingering flaw I can’t quite shake – that imposter syndrome thing. But, there’s still time for me to work on that, right?

No pressure, or anything, but here’s an option. Let me spend a day or two shadowing you, Rachel Maddow, and we’ll call it good. After all, I have a job and family to support so serving as your intern in NYC is not exactly a feasible option. But, a girl can dream, and bucket lists are easily editable.

I’m patiently standing by.


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