Every day I’m reminded that our world today is not the normal I’ve been living for the last, I don’t know, forty years or so. I put a cap on it simply because if I go back further I’m reaching too far for me to have any real thoughtful remembrances about the status of the country. I was too busy taking baton lessons, worrying about cute boys like Michael (who turned out to be a total adult loser) and tackling my first babysitting job where the kid told me I had bad breath. I can’t fault the little guy for telling the truth, which we could sure use more of today. Instead, we’re living in a world of not normal, and I’m struggling to figure out how to balance it all and feel, well, somewhat normal.

When fairy tales starts feeling normal, Houston we have more than a problem. On Sunday 60 minutes carried a story about fake news, which a producer defined as “…stories that are fabricated out of thin air.” It was appalling. One of the fake news purveyors interviewed believes everything he writes is fact – 100 percent true, he claims. He’s an arrogant, asshat lawyer, which seemed to be the basis for his credentials of weaving any story into fact because he “knows how to weigh and measure evidence.” I’m thinking if his brain were weighed and measured it would compare well with a little Who from Who-ville.

Fake news

One of his stories during the campaign declared that Hillary Clinton had Parkinson’s. He still says it’s fact because she “had a seizure and collapsed while getting into her motorcade.” The “doctor” who confirmed the story was an anesthesiologist who has never seen Hillary. We’re truly living in a mad, mad world.

Sadly, the 60 Minutes story also revealed research that shows those reading, believing and sharing fake news are often college educated. And, given what I witnessed in my own Facebook feed during the elections I know that to be true. People, we have brains. Let’s make sure we’re all using them!

It’s too easy these days to stay within our insular bubble, only reading and digesting news that comports with our views. And, when you have a president that regularly lies while calling legitimate, credible media sources “fake” it’s hard to see a clear path toward leading us back to normal.

In the meantime, watch what you say around your microwave.



  1. allisonarnone Reply

    I don’t even recognize my country anymore; it’s truly a Black Mirror episode with some megalomaniac orange madman running America with this cronies who are like gross movie villains. HOW? How’d this happen?

    • dcarnes Reply

      I still think that’s the big, unanswered question. How did this really happen? I keep thinking one day I’ll wake up and it will have been a bad dream. 🙁

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