About Me

Hi, my name is Debra. I’m an overworked, working mom writing A Touch of Clash as a creative outlet and in an attempt to stay sane.

Here's me with Miss P!
Here’s me with Miss P!

I’ve been in the PR/strategic communications business for a number of years, so I spend an insane amount of time writing for other people, writing plans, strategy, messaging – you name it. So, I like the idea of writing more about what comes to mind, what interests me, my own observations and life stories, and what I think might interest or inspire you.

I’m also a wife, parent and pet owner that likes to spend time with my family, loves to run, read and yes, even relax (which usually is saved for vacations.)

I chose the name a Touch of Clash for the blog because I think there is so much about life that’s based on clashes. Does this outfit match?  Who will win the game?  Do you have the wrong or right answer?  Is my idea better than yours?  Is it better to be smarter or more willing to take bigger risks?  The questions and clashes are interwoven into our lives, and I certainly don’t think that’s a bad or good thing. I think it just is.

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